Building a Cellar

The considerations necessary for design and construction of an in home wine cellar are so broad as to make detailed discussion beyond the scope of this handbook.

That said, it is nearly every wine collector's dream to have an in home cellar, though it is not always possible, practical, or affordable. If you have a dark, vibration free subterranean space you may have passive capability. Active cooing systems must be able to vent warm air, preferably to somewhere other than the cellar. You may need access to water and drainage. Cooling units, whether stand alone or split systems are expensive.
WhisperKool and Breezaire are among the popular brands.

Figure out your square footage requirements and double them. Many of my clients at
The Wine Rack by David Gray have in home cellars already at capacity.

If you are handy, you can do this. It is not rocket science. You will, however, need a qualified HVAC installer if you use a split system. 

If you are not so handy, contact a reputable contractor. With popularity of home cellars on the rise, several wine cellar design/build companies have emerged, particularly in urban areas. Get an estimate of time for completion and double it. Check references. I have yet to see a cellar completed on schedule.

Good luck and happy cellaring!