The Goal of Wine Storage

Proper wine storage is not a new concept. Since man began making wine, sealed ceramic storage vessels, cool cellars, and caves have been employed to sustain the freshness and longevity of wine.

Most wines are made for short term consumption, though the basic precepts of storage and handling still apply. Wines with the potential to improve over time, are wines designed for long term consumption.

The typical goal of a wine collector is to keep these wines until they have reached their peak of development, at which point they should be consumed. That may take a few years, or literally decades.

To allow these wines to properly mature, it is necessary to abide by not only the basic precepts, but by sound storage practices which will lay the foundation for proper aging and development. Over time, a young wine made to age undergoes a chemical metamorphosis, which alters naturally occurring acids. Flavors meld, aromas develop, and a wine blossoms into maturity, revealing its true potential. Yet, subjecting a fine wine to improper handling will assure it never undergoes this test of time.