Short Term Storage

Wines which you consume over the short term, can manage at up to 70 degrees without suffering damage.

Years ago I had a small "passive" (natural temperature control) insulated wine closet in the corner of my basement, eight feet underground. Temperature was not ideal, and averaged 65 to 70 year-round, but that was sufficient for my short-term, everyday needs.

I store the bulk of my collection -- wines which I plan to hold for an extended period -- at my
commercial facility, but the point remains that there is not necessarily a concern for alarm when your storage temperature is somewhat less than ideal, if intended for shorter term use. A typical example is an individual who buys exclusively to consume in the near future, and regularly replenishes. Some purists may take exception to the suggestion that short term storage at up to 70 degrees is permissible. Remember, however, that the vast majority of fine wine retailers in the United States  (from whom most collectors purchase)  maintain their storefronts and wines between 70 and 75 degrees.

If you have a dark basement cupboard, closet, stairwell, or corner which never gets above the low 70's, exhibits nominal and slow temperature fluctuations, and is free from vibration, you are set from a short term storage perspective. Store well away from any source of heat and vibration, such as radiators, heat ducts, furnace, dryer, sound systems, dishwasher, pumps, air handler, water heater, hot water or steam piping, oven, stove, radiant floor heat, and sunlight. Enclose and insulate if possible or practical, to further minimize seasonal temperature and humidity variations. There should be very minor if any daily fluctuation of temperature.